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CMS Mission and Vision
Posted On:
Monday, January 26, 2015

Mission and Vision

Mission: Every Student, Every Class, Every Day!

Every child will experience success! Every child belongs, and is invaluable! Every class embraces diversity! Every child will receive equitable access to all content!

Vision: The vision of Chapmanville Middle School is to accept that each student is a creative individual who, with the support of the highly qualified, professional staff, will master the essential curriculum and progress academically as lifelong learners and become tomorrow’s leaders. Chapmanville Middle School will, therefore, respect each child’s individual needs as well as foster a safe, caring and creative environment that will emphasize the social, emotional and physical development of each and every child. Chapmanville Middle School will be a student centered school focused on learning and achievement in a safe environment. Staff members will actively engage all students in the educational process and provide them with the necessary skills to become critical thinkers and independent learners. Students will accept the ultimate responsibility for their learning and their actions while being supported by Chapmanville Middle School Administration, Faculty, Families, and Community Members. Chapmanville Middle School will encourage and guide students to dream and set ambitious goals, while celebrating their achievements along the way.

The Staff of Chapmanville Middle School will:

- Listen and Respond to student and family concerns

- Be responsible for all students

-Partner with families throughout the educational process

- Share ideas openly and honestly without ridicule through vertical and horizontal planning

-Provide time necessary to master rigorous academic standards in core instruction as well as Tiger Time

-Develop and implement rigorous lessons based on the WV Next Generation Content Standards and Objectives at greater Depths of Knowledge

-Employ balanced assessment to guide intervention and enrichment

-Implement high yield instructional strategies

-Give individual feedback including corrections and praise in a timely manner

-Engage all students in Higher Order Levels of Deeper Learning instruction

-Provide opportunities for students to work in a variety of formats; independent, pairs or collaborative groups

-Encourage students and teachers to attend and participate in extracurricular activities that tap into a youths boundless energy and talents

- Model appropriate behavior and act in a professional manner

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